Thinking about trying the lottery system called Beat The Lotto by Don Hunting, a top Mathematician cracks the lottery with a breathtaking new system? Read this article first as you may think differently about using this lotto system. The Beat The Lotto lottery system promises you will skyrocket your chances of winning to beat the lotto. We took a close look at this system which says this how to use it. All you have to do is to simply key-in the necessary total of your choice of lottery numbers – a procedure, incidentally, that in its own right instantly gives you a MORE THAN 230% BETTER CHANCE OF FINDING THE WINNING NUMBERS than you’ve previously had – and then to play Beat The Lotto’s recommended game selections. All this system really is, is a very common type past results analysis system, which really at best would only give about a 2% win rate, not a ridiculous 230% my God what a load of B.S.

I’m sorry this system does not do what it advertises and it is not developed by any top Mathematican. Claims as more than a 230% better chance of hitting winning numbers, please this is total nonsense! The system since about 2004 has been tested over and over again by many disappointed people, they all say they won at best a couple of 2 lottery numbers which of course wins no cash prize. After all these years you would think there would be tons of lottery winners who have used the Beat The Lotto system, but No, only good reviews are by affiliates selling the system for commission and of course they lie to sell it. Never buy a system that affiliates can sell, all you will read are totally fake reviews.

Bottom line is, the Beat the Lotto System is seriously full of hype! It is also on many lottery system reviews sites as a very bad or useless system that wins nothing. It seems that all of these silly useless systems are developed by Mathematicians or Professors, of course this is only a selling scenario and all fake! Stick to ONLY to well established winning lottery systems that have been tested and proven to give real lottery results, as the very popular Lotto Guy Lottery System (won best lottery system in the world by poll votes). This excellent system if used as directed will give you the best winning results possible for all pick 6 lotto and pick 5 lotto games world-wide, that’s how you really beat the lotto!


If you are a newbie to playing the lottery or using a lottery system, you might want to try Smart Play Lotto Wheels and easy yet effective lottery wheeling system in basic format.


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