Playing the lottery and actually winning the lottery are very different indeed, to win you need to use serious lottery winning tips. There are many tips given by various sources to help win the lottery, most of these lottery tips are very poor at helping you win anything. The lottery tips you need to follow are by real lottery experts and real lottery winners, or what we call the hottest lottery winning tips.

You will hear from some sources that using your Horoscope lottery numbers is a great way to pick your winning lottery numbers. Real studies confirm that very few real lottery winners actually win big using their Horoscope lottery numbers. Also playing your lucky lottery numbers or using just some random lottery numbers, is a very poor way to play the lottery. These three lottery tips to play the lottery are used by a great deal of lottery players, it is no wonder they rarely ever win even a small lottery winning.

I also would like to inform you that there is no magical lottery formulas that will for sure win you the lottery, the best or hottest lottery winning tips that will actually increase your chances to win the lottery easier are as follows:

  • Play more lottery tickets each lottery draw, the more tickets played, the higher your odds are to win.
  • Play the lottery game that has the best odds to win the jackpot. The higher the odds to win the jackpot the less chance you have at winning.
  • Use a lottery winning strategy or what is called a lottery system. Make sure the system is a true proven winning system or it will be of little value. To see which lottery systems are actually winning lottery games and are highly recommended take a peek at the latest poll results that show which lottery systems were voted as best winning systems to use.

 Follow these three hottest lottery winning tips and you will most definitely increase your chances to win the lottery, this is a solid proven fact! If you want our expert opinion on which lottery systems to use, only use systems that are first place, second place or possible even third place winners and stick to those systems as they are of course real lottery winning systems. We do highly recommend the Lotto Guy Lottery System for most people, exception being those who must have an extremely easy, yet still highly effective winning system, then we recommend Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Just remember systems are just good tools to increase your odds to win, no system can guarantee wins.


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