If you want to learn how to win lotto then read on, you will learn stuff you never knew about and it will definitely help you win the lottery much easier. Straight to the point, you need to use a proven winning strategy or you simply will not succeed at winning much. Most lottery players are looking for better more efficient ways to win lotto than by using the old stand by, quick picks or just random lotto numbers. A few years back I myself  was also looking for better lotto winning strategies, but after checking out many, many strategies or lottery systems, the reality of it all is, most systems and or strategies are either complete garbage or very poor at winning any lottery games. I actually thousands of dollars playing the lotto and had very low winning success until I found out better ways how to play the lottery that actually increase your chances to win. This is the actual fact of it all below:

  • You can play the lotto weekly and take a chance to win, yet this requires you to be patient and play consistently. Also you MUST use a proven winning strategy or your odds to win will be poor just as all regular people who play lotto.


  • You can play the lotto as you do now and lose all your money like an amateur who just relies on all luck.


How to win lotto is very straight forward, use best winning lottery systems period! No other strategy can give you the winning results as a good solid proven winning system. Now the hard part is actually finding the system to use as there are many systems to choose from. You most certainly do not want to be using any common free lottery system, they will not help you win, that’s why they are free. I have investigated quite a few very successful lottery players, most of which earn between $30,000 – $80,00 each year playing the lotto and they all have one thing in common, they use a winning system and stick with it. These lottery winners have won lotto games world-wide as Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, UK Lotto, OZ Lotto, Lotto Max, Lotto 649, Texas Lotto, Florida Lotto, California Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Ohio Lottery,  Power Toto, Pennsylvania Lottery, South African Lotto, Washington Lottery, New York Lottery just to name a few. So which lottery system or systems are these lottery winners actually using? There is a variety of systems and this 2013 best winning lottery system poll revealed the true winning systems and the false winning systems. All you need to do is pick the system or systems real lottery winners voted on as winning lotto games for them, then use them, polls do not lie as false reviews or fake testimonials, which by the way, many systems use to sell non-winning, false systems. You only use real verified true winning systems, it’s the only way to actually increase your chances for real to win lotto!

Click the poll to see bigger. You will see the best winning lottery systems voted on by real lottery winners, NO B.S false advertising to fool you as on sales pages.

  1. The Lotto Guy Lottery System (First place winning system, very highly recommended to use).
  2. Smart Play Lotto Wheeling System (Second place winning system and the easiest to use system, but still very effective system to use and recommended by many winners).
  3. Gail Howard Smart Luck review (Third place winning system is ok, but still better than not using a system at all or using a silly useless system, read reviews).

The 2013 best winning lottery system official poll results is like solid gold, it truly reveals which systems are for real and which systems are just hype!

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!


This information is now spreading to many lottery websites and is pushing out the fakes or non-winning systems , which are most seen selling through place as click bank as to allow affiliates to sell the system for commissions which is a clear sign the system is not for real! Use the best recommended winning systems, get the best over-all winning lotto success, that is the cold hard fact!

You can also see what the legit lottery system review sites have to report on various system.

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