Lottery Circle Software system sold  by Ace Lee makes unbelievable claims of giving a 96% win rate. This is simply false advertising and a complete lie! Ace Lee is now known to be a very shady seller. who in fact uses false and misleading advertising to hype up what he is selling to grab your money.

Seller Ace Lee claims his Lottery Circle Prediction Software system. Claims will give us big lottery winning results for all pick 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 lotto games. As a matter of fact he states the software system will give you a huge 96% win rate. He has removed this false win rate now as got caught lying. which simply is false advertising, he knows it but just wants your money very bad. If this were actually true, we would have won many times over with the Lottery Circle System. Yet we did not win more than a 2 number winner. Also could not get a refund even though it stated a 60 day refund! So where are all these big winners? Seriously, there would be literally hundreds of real lotto winners reporting wins. In reality the lottery circle software system is pure lies and false advertising.

We have searched high and low and cannot find any legit winners. Only sellers or affiliates who sell the system claiming it works. This finding my friends is not acceptable. The bad thing about affiliate reviews is they are totally false. They will most definitely mislead you to get sales commissions.

Many lottery players or should I say suckers, have tested out the Lottery Circle System software system. Only to find out it does NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED! No results anywhere near 96% win rates. Possibly a 1%-2% win rate at the very best. He changes the win rate and or system now and then to try to fool people over again. The simple sad truth is, the lottery circle system is nothing more than another hyped-up useless lottery software system. Same kinds that are flooding the market, and does none work as advertised.

Here’s the truth! Did you know you can get similar lottery software systems absolutely free that do exactly the same thing? Or you can go to an official lottery statistics website for whatever lottery game you play and get the same information completely free! So why would anyone waste their money on a silly lottery software system. It’s really all just a money making gimmick for fast cash. Just look up the past drawn numbers for whatever lottery game you play on the Internet, find the hot numbers that are drawn frequently and the cold numbers that are not drawn frequently. It’s really that easy and it’s free!

You most certainly spend a lot of money trying every lottery system until you find a good one. Even then you may never actually find a good system as there are about 40-50 systems out there. I can help you out a little in this area. We have tried many lottery systems and have investigated to see what other lottery players claim works and does not work. There are about 30-35 very popular advertised lottery systems. Most of these systems are lottery software systems such as Lottery Circle, Lottery Crusher, Lottery Audit, Lotto Buster, Lotto Genie,, Lottery Dominator, Lotto Payload, Formula 1 Lotto, Win Lotto Systems, etc.

These types of systems area total waste of time and money and do not work to win lottery games! As for lottery wheeling systems again these are a dime a dozen and only a few are worth using. The absolute best, very easy to use and very effective lottery wheeling system is Smart Play Lotto Wheels and it is most definitely very highly recommended. This by winning lottery players not sellers.

Then you have your unique lottery systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which actually won best lottery system by poll votes. Taking 80% of the votes out of 15 top systems that were entered. Placing it as best lottery system for pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games period. Many lottery winners have used this system for lottery games like Texas Lotto, Powerball, Mega Million, Lotto 649, Georgia Lottery, New York Lotto and so on. There simply is no better formula system. I only recommend two lottery systems as they are very reputable tested and proven systems. Both do give good winning lottery results and you can take that to the bank!

Just to verify that there are others who are not happy users of the Lottery Circle System. Read Lottery Circle Reviews on this older lottery forum Lotto System Reviews – The Truth! the many bad comments about Ace Lee and his lottery Circle System. This is just one of many. See below other great reviews you should read.

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