I still cannot believe, people still think using lottery software systems or lottery software programs is the key to winning the lottery. What lotto software system actually do is just give you lottery number frequencies or what we also call hot and cold lottery numbers. These lotto software systems are only giving you data or information from lottery statistic websites, the same websites you can get it all from totally free!

Lottery software systems are also known a lottery prediction systems. There are tons of these types of system on the market and to be honest they are really not even lottery systems, just information to use in a real lottery system. Do not be fooled by the outrageous win rates these lotto software systems claim, 99% of them lie to you about how good they work. i have tested many of these software systems as Lottery Crusher, Formula 1 Lotto, Lottery Winning Formula, Lottery Circle Software, Beat Lotto, Lottery Audit, Win Lotto Systems and the one thing they all have in common is they ONLY give you about a 2% win rate NO MORE!

Look at Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle, he claims a 96% win rate which is a total lie! This seller hypes up all of his systems and all of his systems work very poorly at winning the lottery. The Lottery Crusher system is claiming a 100% win rate, this is telling you it is pure scam right off the bat, as no lottery system in the world can give 100% win rates, not even 50% win rates. These lottery software systems are mostly money making gimmicks and should be avoided, save your money for real reputable proven winning lotto systems like the top rated Lotto Guy Lottery System. This system is far different than a silly software system and yes, it has won many lottery games world-wide. Systems like the Lotto Guy system that actually work are very few and very hard to find.

I only recommend systems that work and that were developed by real professionals, not some store clerk as with the Lottery Circle software System for example. Most lottery systems are thrown together by greedy marketers and do not win the lottery. There are only a few real winning lottery systems that work, I just gave you the best reported system to use that real winners use. I know of no lottery winners using silly useless lottery software systems, if they worked I would be using them myself.

To win the lottery you MUST use proven winning systems that really increase your chances to win frequently or you will be wasting your time, energy and money!

Lotto Edge

Lottery Group

Smart Play Lotto Wheels  (Good winning lottery system)

  1. Garry L says:

    You seem to be very knowedgeable about the lottery and lottery systems. I have found others saying exactly what you say to do, so you seem for real. I know sellers as Ace Lee and Ken Silver are misleading many people, I see complaints about them all over the place and do agree with you to stay clear of their systems.

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