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Posted: 19th October 2015 by admin in Lottery
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Lottery winning is something we all desire to take part of, the hard part is how to actually do it. As there are physicists that have explored all sorts of mathematical equations to try to figure out the creation of the universe, there exists those who have analyzed and found mathematical equations for the key to winning lotteries.

For many centuries, philosophers, scientists and religious leaders have argued between theories of how this all began. By this, I mean all of us, the world and the entire universe in which we exist. There is the Big Bang Theory from the scientific community, which argue it all began on earth with a single celled organism, after there was a massive explosion somewhere, somehow. The religious community says God created heaven and earth and made us in his image. Scientists have formed all sorts of mathematical equations to show why the explosion and how it all happened, but how does one see an end result from a mathematical equation.

Numbers seem to be connected to everything in the world and numbers are the only thing that are used in all lottery draws. Is one lottery number better than another to win Lotto Jackpots? Are you going to do better with your own chosen numbers or from a quick pick group? How do you figure out what to do or where to go?  You can look on the internet and research for a proven lottery system that has analyzed the number configurations out for you, this is definitely the better route to go – or you can put your fate in the hands of God and pray your quick pick numbers are drawn. Here’s where it gets all fired up, just like when the scientists show there proven theories and those who believe with no real evidence that God created all.

If you’re like me, you sit right on the fence between the two theories, maybe the Big Bang Theory created God and all of everything else – makes you think, doesn’t it?  However, when it comes to lottery number combinations, I think I would rather see math do the work for me and show me better odds at winning. Hey, still pray though – it could be the ‘bonus’ number that tips it all in your favor!

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