Here’s another lottery system called the Lotto Variant System which makes some pretty hard to believe claims, so is this system good or bad to use. We have seen many silly lottery systems that are using totally fake scenario’s to sell and mislead people into thinking the system is all that, but it really is not, we believe this is yet another one of those types of lottery systems. We do not just say a system is good or bad just for sake of opinion, we investigate the evidence then report our findings to you so you have the full truth.

The Lotto Variant System has a very familiar scenario as a few other systems which we are sorry to say are very misleading. This one says 34 years old average Joe guy sets The Big Lotteries On Fire by discovering A Dirty Secret to Sky Rocket His lottery Odds Almost Over Night. Like we have not ever heard of silly fake scenario’s like this lately, Oh Wait the Mark Bower Lottery System sounds very similar to this. Out of work Mark Bower finds secret way to win the lottery so it is forcing big lotteries to hire 200 mathematicians to seal the leak, all totally made up B.S to sell bogus lottery systems. We can also update on this system as it has disappeared along with members monies and no refunds. The Lotto Variant System is in the same group as the now gone false Mark Bower System.

We also checked out  the Lotto Variant System to find the real scoop on this system and guess what? A Marketer is the creator of the system what a surprise. These types systems are not even real winning systems, all just made up, then sell through places as clickbank so affiliates can advertise system to sell and make commissions. All reviews that say this Lotto Variant System is a good system were found to be written by sellers or affiliates, so not real Lotto Variant System reviews. We cannot find even a few real honest reviews so that raises many red flags concerning this system.

The Lotto Variant System is also reported by users and review sites as a non winning system, it has won no big lottery games. This Lotto Variant System is choke full of false advertising, cheques with names crossed out to make you think they won with this useless system. The whole sales page is full of nonsense, so it is highly recommended you stay clear of this system as it will not work as advertised. Do not be fooled by the 60 day money back refund, ClickBank does not honor refunds for lottery systems, it is just a marketing ploy they tell you to get the refund from the seller, oh great like that is going to happen. You will most likely NOT get your money back, this has been reported by others.

Marketers sell many lottery systems, most of them are quite useless and will do very little to increase your chances to win the lotto as with the Lotto Variant System . Here are some good lottery system reviews, only systems that were verified and proven to work by real users and they are not created by marketers or have affiliates that can sell them with exaggerate the truth big time and fool many people. Also see below latest lottery system poll results to see which systems are really worth using.

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You can also read more reviews on many other lottery systems at this top review site, which also has a review on the Lotto Variant System.

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