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This may make you mad to hear, but it is the REAL TRUTH about lottery systems. Most of these products are completely fake or virtually useless! To win the lottery , you do need to use a lottery system or winning lotto strategy to improve your chances to really win the lottery. Many shady marketers know this and that’s […]

When you play the  Lotto Pick 6 or Lotto Pick 5, the numbers are drawn from a set of main lottery numbers, you need strategy to win. To normally play lotto is a game of luck, as you check off your six selected numbers by putting a mark on the numbered boxes on the lotto game  play slip. Then of course […]

I still cannot believe, people still think using lottery software systems or lottery software programs is the key to winning the lottery. What lotto software system actually do is just give you lottery number frequencies or what we also call hot and cold lottery numbers. These lotto software systems are only giving you data or information from […]