The Lotto Black Book System is a lotto system supposedly created by an actual three time lottery jackpot winner. The Lotto Black Book states it was created by Larry Blair an Oklahoma math professor who won the lottery jackpot 3 times in a row with his Lotto Black Book System and also won other lottery cash prize several more times. The  system also states if you are serious about winning the bigger money playing the lottery, then you should pay close attention to what this math professor Larry Blair is telling you.

Do for some real truth about the Lotto Black Book System that will make you aware of what this system is really about. The fact is the Lotto Black Book System is a complete farce, which has done a very good job at misleading people into purchasing this full of crap system. We reveal what could be the most outrageous full of lies system on the Internet. With some 30,000 affiliates try to sell you this bogus system and feeding yet more lies to fuel sales, there virtually is only a handful of legit real reviews, as most of the reviews on this system are as fake as the Lotto Black Book System itself.

Here is a list of things that are fake or not true about the Lotto Black Book System

  • The Lotto Black Book was created by an Oklahoma Math Professor. The real truth is there is no math professor who created this system, it was just your common marketer looking to get your money for a virtually useless made up system.
  • The so-called math professor who created the system won the lottery jackpot three times in a row, plus several other lottery cash prizes. This again is all false. There were no lottery jackpot winnings at all and no other lottery winnings. As a matter of fact we cannot find one single actual lottery winner who has used this fake system.
  • The real creator who is just a marketer has been caught numerous times with fake photos and stolen photos claiming to be winners who won with the Lotto Black Book system, also fake winning lottery cheques and fake testimonials. Everything about this Lotto Black Book System is completely false and is choke full of very easily found lies.

You want more proof that this silly Lotto Black Book System does not work to win lottery games? Study this latest best winning lottery system poll results done by a reputable lottery system review site. Real lottery winners voted on which lottery systems actually won lottery money for them, notice the Lotto Black Book System was one of the worst systems to use. Polls do not lie like false testimonials, it shows you the real truth!


You can go to Lottery Systems Reviews to read more reviews on these systems. They tell it as it really is, which systems win lottery games and which systems do not. The Lotto Guy Lottery System was the top winning system and is highly recommended to use as it actually can help you hit winning lottery numbers easier for lottery games such as Powerball and Mega Millions.

Everything and I do mean everything about the Lotto Black Book System is not real. All reputable lottery system review sites report it as a phony system. Put all this knowledge about the Lotto Black Book System together and it should hopefully tell you to stay clear and please do not be fooled by the 60 day refund, that is also reported by many as not being honored. The chances are very great you will not get it as so many others have found out the hard way.

Update: It seems the Lotto Black Book system has disappeared, the bogus system has shut down as many many complaints.


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