To Win The Lotto, you must use lotto strategies or systems that are actually winning the lottery, or you will  simply not succeed! This is where many people who play the lottery go very wrong. They never seem to want to change the way they play lotto to a smarter more logical method. I have heard many people state that lottery systems do not work, or winning the lottery is just all plain luck. I think these types of lotto players have never really used a good or hot winning lottery system as most unfortunately are false winning systems only designed to make money through sales, not by helping you win the lottery.

The real truth is, if you want to win the lottery, you will have to use the winning lotto strategies real lottery winners use and forget about the common silly bogus systems and strategies that are virtually useless. Did you know that out of the some 30 to 40 lottery systems all claiming they will win the lottery for you, only a few of these lottery systems are for real? I myself have tried and tested my share of hyped-up useless lotto systems that promised big lotto winnings, but delivered squat! This was not after testing the systems for simply a week or two, but many months of use to make sure the test was sound and fair! You simply cannot trust lottery systems that affiliates can sell, this is a big red flag yelling the system is not work using. All lottery systems that affiliates can sell or promote are indeed the worst systems around, even though you may see good reviews on them, it is a trick as all of these reviews are written by the sellers themselves.

The true hot winning lotto systems or winning lotto strategies will not have affiliates selling them and therefore all good reviews are for real, which makes sense correct? I will also tell you straight out, all lottery software systems or lottery software programs are basically the exact same systems, just re-named and they ALL work about the same no matter what ridiculously high win rates or nonsense they claim. These types of systems will never give you more than about a 2 percent win rate at best and just so you know, all the same information or data they do give you is obtained from free lottery statistic websites online, same places you yourself can get the data for free.

Here is a short list of all the lottery systems that have false claims that will win lottery games for you. These systems are simply set up by marketers misleading you with false advertising to grab your cash, they do not win the lotto at all! We will even show you real proof of this,. The poll results can verify this, there is no guess work here, just real honest facts!

  • Silver Lotto System
  • The Lotto Black Book
  • Lottery Circle software
  • Lottery Crusher
  • Win Lotto Systems
  • Lotto Payload
  • Formula 1 Lotto System
  • Lotto Cash Machine
  • Lottery Winning Formula
  • Lottery Dominator
  • Lotto Master Formula
  • Best The Lotto
  • Lottery Slayer

This is just a short list, there are many more of these misleading useless lottery systems, some have already gone under with peoples money, so just be aware of this. So which are the Hot winning lotto systems and where do you find them? We will show you real proof of which lottery systems are really winning the lottery games world-wide! You may or may not be aware that a best winning lottery system poll was held back in 2012 and now again in with this latest poll. This was to truthfully reveal which lottery systems real lottery players actually win the lotto by using. Polls do not mislead you as false testimonials or reviews tend to do. Look at the official poll results and you will see how these Winning Lotto Strategies really ranked.



As you can easily see for yourself, most of the so called top winning systems are in fact nothing special and do not win lottery games at all. The two Hottest winning systems are the Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both systems are true highly recommended real winning lottery systems and they both received the most votes by real lottery winners. Another very interesting thing about these two winning systems is NO AFFILIATES can sell these systems, therefore they are the real deal people, they can actually help your chances to win the lottery a little easier for real! We have found in our own research that many lottery players try out many lottery systems, wasting money and a lot of time only to eventually find out that they should have started using a real winning system from the get go.

Some of the lottery games we know these excellent powerful top winning lottery systems are being used for are Powerball Lottery, Mega Millions, Texas Lotto, New York Lotto, Lotto 6/49, Lotto Max, Georgia Lottery and so on. Polls do not lie, plus the added solid reviews that state these are the best winning systems and the fact we have found many actual winners who won lotto with these systems makes it a No Brainer to use these real winning systems. Playing the lottery and actually winning the lottery are two different things. It is thoroughly proven that you need to use real winning lottery systems if you seriously want a chance to win the lotto!

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