When it comes to the lottery, people want to know how to win the lottery, in the easiest most effective way possible. This is exactly what we get asked weekly by hundreds of people who play the lottery games, and never seem to win even a simple 3 lotto numbers winning lottery ticket, which is actually quite easy to do. To really win the lottery, you simply cannot just put together a group of random lottery numbers and expect to win, and some think playing your favorite numbers, or birth-dates of your loved ones will work the best. I’m sorry to inform you those kinds of tactics do not work, you need to play with a much smarter strategy. There are people who actually win the lottery quite frequently and some have won the actual big money jackpot more than once, this all do to using a smarter strategy and sticking with it.

Of course realistically most strategies or lottery systems are a complete waste of time and money, such as all lottery software prediction or lottery prediction systems. These systems just give you the exact same information you can get totally free from lottery statistic websites. You should never pay for these very hyped up systems, they are only trying to make a fast buck from you! If you look at what type of strategy or system wins the lottery for most players, it will be a lottery wheeling system, but only if it is a legit tested and proven design as yes,  they are all different. The best report and verified winning lottery wheeling system in the world is Smart Play Lotto Wheels. This is an awesome system that is designed for real winning success! There is no better system or easier system in the whole world to play and win any Pick 5 or Pick 6 lottery game.

We found and verified winners using this superior system for many lottery games as California Super Lotto, Texas Cash 5, Lotto Texas, Texas Lotto, Lotto 6/49, New York Lottery, Virginia Win For Life, French Lottery 6/49, Indiana Hoosier Lotto, Idaho Hot Lotto, Florida Lotto, Georgia Powerball and Decades Of Dollars, Ohio Rolling Cash 5, Oklahoma Hot Lotto, New Jersey Cash 5 and New Jersey pick 6 Lotto, Mega Millions and the list goes on and on! There is so much proof and solid winning reports on this excellent wheeling system, it cannot be ignored, it is an easy but very effective system, just use it people it really works! Jumping from silly system to silly lotto system becomes a bit frustrating, do yourself a favour and get a good system the first time.

We have found a few other good lottery systems not nearly quite as powerful as the Smart Play Lotto Wheels, but still very good, Smart Play Lotto Wheels has proven to be a good winning system. We will report more on these systems or strategies after we do our in-depth investigations on them.


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  1. Richard says:

    Great article, tried your recommendations using Smart Play, it works like a charm. Saved me hours of frustration. The system hits 3 number winners so easy it’s addictive!!

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