People that play lotto, think it’s way to difficult to win the lotto, and usually just give up, but you don’t have to, just play smarter. Yes, there is no foolproof lotto strategy for guaranteed winnings, but there are proven lotto strategies that definitely win lotto and do increase your chances of hitting winning lotto numbers frequently. No lottery strategy, lottery method, lottery tactics, or secret lotto system, can guarantee you to be a lottery winner, so never fall for lotto systems claiming huge win rates higher than 40 percent, it will most definitely be a lie! You’ve got to understand that realistically your chances of winning the lottery will improve by a certain percentage, but you of course need to use the best system or lotto strategy to obtain this increase winning percentage.

Which lottery system or strategy are you using to play the lottery? has it worked for you? With the lotto software type lottery systems, you are not getting better chances of winning in the lottery game over a non software system, so do not be fooled. Most free lottery software systems analyzes draws from the past draws and looks for the trends in lottery patterns that can be applied on your next lottery game draw and is the exact same for lotto software systems being sold. You can easily do what software systems do yourself, it only takes a few minutes, but it really does not help increase your wins that much, maybe 2 percent or so, so never believe the hype that these software system claim. These software systems are 99% of the time a gimmick to sell a useless lottery program.

What you really need to win the lottery is to acquire a real Tested and Proven lotto system or strategy, as it will be much easier and a hell of a lot more effective at hitting the winning lotto number combinations. Most successful lottery players are winning more often due to the advantage of the usability and functionality of verified proven systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which by the way, won best winning lottery system in 2012 over 15 top systems by user poll votes do to the fact, it really does increase your odds to win all pick 5 lotto games and pick 6 lottery games as California Lottery, Florida Lotto, Lotto Max, Lotto 649, Texas Lotto, Lotto Quebec, Powerball Lottery, BC lotto 6/49, Colorado Lottery, UK Lotto, Monday Night Lotto, Mega Million, Euromillions, New York Lotto, Ohio Lottery, National Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Virginia Lottery,  just to name a few.

BIG WARNING! There are way to many lottery systems that are full of false advertising or false promises such as system like The Lotto Black Book, Lottery Circle Software Prediction System, Silver Lotto system, Silver lotto PRO,  Lottery Variant system, Mark Bower Lottery System, Lotto Cash Machine, Lottery Crusher, Lottery method, Lotto Masta, Lottery Winning Package, Lotto Payload, Formula 1 Lotto System,  just to name a couple of well known poor systems. These silly systems will not give you the results you are after to win the lottery, as they are inefficient systems only developed to make the seller money, but NOT YOU! These hyped up systems have very high impact sales pages designed to attract you, but the actual lottery system it’s self does very little to help you win the lotto. It is up to you to find and use a good reputable system that will improve your odds to win more, this is the only way to get better winning success.


Smart Play Proven Winning Lotto Wheels

Smart Play Lotto Wheels

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